Water wells

Because of the rising costs of drinking water, many enterprises and private entities look for alternative water sources. Having your own water resource makes you independent and enables you to control costs. Any investment will pay itself back in a relatively short period of time. We provide water wells for companies and citizens for different purposes on an international scale.


  • Drinking water for cattle
  • Agriculture and horticulture Industry
  • Energy storage in the ground

Drilling methodes

Our modern drilling installations enable us to drill up to 300 meters deep and with diameters up to 900mm.

Choosing the right source

The correct diameter and depth is not solely dependent on the groundwater level. The quality of the groundwater is also an important factor. In addition we always place our filter in a permeable layer in order to guarantee enough water capacity.

Pump test and water analysis

Each well is tested extensively for pump performance and water quality before final delivery. A report on these tests is provided to the client.

The drilled well

The drilled well will be of a high quality and is guaranteed free of sand and will produce sufficient water.

Jetted Water Source

A jetted water source is very useful for purposes such as gardening and can be placed anywhere in a garden. Sometimes certain areas are not usable because of clay or mud in the ground. A jetted water source will typically be between 8 and 12 meters deep and is suitable for this purpose.