One of our specializations is dewatering by deep wells. This technique is used for long term lowering and stabilization of groundwater levels. Our deep wells are characteri- zed by a high degree of stability.

Deep wells are applicable for

  • Large or deep construction pits
  • Locations with much water and a course soil structure
  • Locations with contaminated soil

Drilling techniques

we have a wide variety of techniques that we can use for deep well drilling:

  • Vacuum Drilling
  • Coil Drilling
  • Airlifting
  • Auger Drilling
  • Cased Drilling
  • Hammer Drills
  • Bucket Drilling
  • Pulse Drilling

The large variety in drilling techniques enables us to tackle groundwater problems in any soil composition. Our modern drilling installations allow us to drill up to 300 meters.

Variants of deep wells:

  • Pressure relief wells: pressure relief wells are used for the reduction of the water pressure in layers underneath impermeable intermediate stratum. By reducing the water pressure to an acceptable standard it is possible to prevent “bursting” of a construction pit bottom.
  • Vacuum extraction wells: a lower pressure in the shaft is created through the usage of a vacuum pump. This method improves the flow of groundwater. An automated level circuit regulates the submerged pump and thus the flow and its capacity.
  • Drilling in polluted soil: for many years we have used cased drilling techniques and applied a high safety standard. When explo- ring the soil and groundwater for pollution, with our experienced drillers, we guarantee high quality and successful execution of the work.


The quality of our drilling process is guaranteed in according with BRL SIKB 2100 + Protocol 2101 Mechanical Drilling.