The right tools for the job

With an extensive arsenal of pumps, excavators, and other installations we have the possibility to use the right equipment for any project. No matter how ambitious your project may be, we can do the watermanagement for you. This way you will always keep your feet dry.

All our machines

Drilling rigs filter

  • Hyundai Robex 55-7
  • Neuson 6002 RDV
  • Hyundai Robex 80-7
  • Hyundai Robex 140LC-9A
  • Hyundai Robex 140LC-7A
  • Hyundai Robex 140LC-7
  • Hyundai Robex 160LC-7

Trenching machines

for building drainage pipes

  • Steenbergen BSV4000
  • Mastenbroek 50/60
  • Koop 70/80

Drilling rig deepwell

For drilling deep holes

Holes can be drilled to great depths with these enormous machines. These machines are mainly used for deep-well drainage where groundwater is pumped up at a greater depth.

  • Hütte HBR - 205
  • Hütte HBR - 205 GT
  • Conrad Boxer 200
  • TesCar CF6 Cased drilling

Groundwater purification stations

For the purification of groundwater

  • Groundwater filtration installation 100 m³/h
  • Groundwater filtration installation 200 m³/h
  • Groundwater filtration installation 240 m³/h

Vehicle park

Our utility vehicles