In 1969 Mr. G. Koop (Senior) started with drilling water wells for the local farmers. Due to these activities he became involved in dewatering projects for industry and agriculture. At the end of the seventies plans were made for constructing a workshop and an office on an industrial estate – this was the beginning of an international development of the company Koop.

With the most up to date equipment and materials, the employment and coaching of specialists and continuous improvements by training, we became a specialist in the complex area of dewatering and groundwater treatment. Now we are a dewatering consultant with international certificates for quality (ISO 9001) and safety (VCA**).

Koop Dewatering operates in a number of countries, such as The Netherlands, Belgium, Germany, France, Turkey, Albanië, Greece, Great Britain and Saudi-Arabia. Koop Dewatering has several branch offices in the Netherlands and Germany.

Koop is a traditional family run business and under the command of Frans Koop, the second generation, the company have increased their international activities.

In 2008 Frans Koop sold 80% of his stake to „Rabo Private Equity Group“, later „Nordian“. After a period of eight years the collaboration agreed to split paths again. Frans Koop bought back the missing percentages and is now, once again, the sole owner off the company. Together with his son, Tom Koop he now looks forward to the future of Koop Watermanagement, in the third family generation.